Anchor Cracker Jar Set

Anchor Cracker Jar Set Anchor Cracker Jar Set

Anchor Cracker Jar Set


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1.00 Php

Size/PCS: 450*450*15mm
Species: Plastic and Aluminum
Edges: Micro Beveled
Package: 1 PCS/ Box=0.2025 m2=2.1789 sqft
Usage: Residential or Light Commerciala

Anchor Cracker Jar Set.

Keep your baking staples or favorite snacks organized with these Anchor Hocking glass cracker jars. Three glass jars of varying sizes are included in the set so you can store large or small quantities of kitchen goods. The clear glass sides let you see what's stored in these Anchor Hocking three-piece glass cracker jars.


  • 3-piece jar set 1 gallon, 2 quarts and 32 ounches jars with brushed aluminum lids to accommodate a wide range of storing needs.
  • Clear design Transparent walls allow to see what's inside.
  • Enjoy simple cleanup Glass interior finish and wide-mouth make washing easy.

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