"To The Rescue Superheroes"


 Last October 26 marks the much anticipated event by Stockbridge American International School – Davao, “To the Rescue Superheroes” Trunk or Treat. Developing responsible, caring and compassionate child is one of our most important and most difficult jobs. This unit has shifted the focus to the heroic aspects of superheroes, their amazing powers, and how they help people in the community. In this way children will be able make links with people who help them in their lives and within the community, understanding that these are the ‘real heroes’ that we look up to. 

The big picture for kids: Superheroes to the rescue! Superheroes are all around us, using their special super powers to help others in need. We’re going to become heroes too, by making our own costumes and imagining the amazing and incredible powers we will use to help ourselves and other people around us.

Aside from the traditional activity of receiving treats, the Stockbridge partners gamely participated and accommodated the students as they introduce their role in the community. The community trip sparks interest in a variety of fields of work, which may lead to students getting interested in a field that may one day become their life's work. The students explored the work people do and their importance in the community. The students met with everyday superheroes from the hotel and hospitality, banking and finance, Central Communications and Emergency Response Center- the police; firefighters; medical workers; and rescue services. The following establishments are the Stockbridge partners who took part in the trick or treat for a cause:  Marco Polo Hotel Davao, Asia United Bank (Matina branch) and Davao City Central 911.

In Marco Polo Hotel, the kids were welcomed by no less than Ms. Dottie Wurgler- Cronin, the General Manager.  She then gave a short talk about the world of hospitality. Who likes to cook? Who likes to swim? Who likes to sleep here? The students also met with the chefs and toured the facilities of the hotel. Marco Polo is one Davao’s most premier luxury international hotels which boasts of Western comforts and Asian hospitality. It offers 245 elegant guest rooms and suites, 5 restaurants, 6 function rooms and 2 ballrooms.

Save money and put it in the bank. But who takes care of the money in the bank? In Asia United Bank, the kids met the superheroes who take care of people’s money. They will help people when they have lots of money or when they need to borrow money. VP Cristina Pama, AUB Head of Mindanao Lending welcomed the students to the world of Banking and Finance. Asia United Bank (AUB) is a universal bank with a network size of 264 branches across the country by the end of 2018.

The brave Central 911 SuperHeroes demostrated what it takes to be a hero plus letting the kids ride on their cool hero vehicle. Launched in 2002, the Central Communication and Emergency Response Center is both a call center and a dispatch center that links the residents needing assistance with the emergency resources of the government – the police; firefighters; medical workers; and rescue services. Davao City is the third locality in the world that utilizes 911 as its emergency number, next only to the United States and Canada. Central 911, acclaimed to be the country’s most efficient has its own: Emergency Medical Services Unit, Urban Search and Rescue Unit, Fire Auxiliary Service Unit, and K-9 Unit.

It is indeed a marvelous day for all the SUPERS! The day started with the kids going around the city, meeting community heroes- our everyday superheroes. While the small kids (Smart Explorer 1- Prekindergarten 2) are out, the big kids (Kinder- Grade 4) are busy preparing challenges to train the heroes by testing their amazing and incredible powers. The challenge is to complete the tasks that reflect their superpowers such as strength, speed or agility; and rescue the treats. 

The day ended with a Trunk and Treat celebration for everyone. Because we celebrate that we too can be Superheroes!

Part of the education in Stockbridge is experiential learning. Through experience, the students discover, learn and understand more about the community and their world through actual hands on experience. This month’s community helpers theme engages students in recognizing people and organization that helps our community. In the same way, how they too can help support others in need.