Stocky's Book Fair


 Read! Inspire! Have Fun! Stocky’s Safari Book Fair Celebration is one of the highlights of the school year and everyone was very much excited about it.  It is a weeklong celebration from September 24-28, 2018. “Our mission is to connect kids with the books. In Swahili, “safari” means journey and this journey could start a lifelong love of books. We enjoy getting kids to associate books and reading with fun, not just boring homework” said Ms. Careen Bian, VP for Operations of Stockbridge.

There are different activities daily which made the event engaging and captivating for everyone. On Monday, Safari Book Hunting was initiated by Mr. Edward Mariott-Lodge, Acadmeic Head where he read a mystery passage from a featured book. The students had to hunt down for the books which were hidden in the school’s Booktopia (library). Prizes were given to those who found the book. Wish lists were also posted outside the classrooms for kids to write down the books that they wanted their parents to buy for them during the book fair.

On Tuesday, everyone came in their Safari Gear to be part of the “Whaki Khaki Day”. There were families who participated in the event actively and joined the snapshot contest and posted their group photo for the goofiest, scariest and most creative animals prowling the hallway. On Wednesday, students had a “Grand Day” where they had a “Grander” time with their grandparents and other loved ones. Grandparents and students had great fun reading together.

On Thursday, Have you “herd”? Reading Roars as K12 students from Grades 3 to 4 conducted storytelling sessions to PreKindergarten students.  It was an inspiring moment for little ones to be read by the big kids in school.

On Friday, the event was culminated with the different literary performances of the students for the “Super Safari Friday”. Each child presented a literary piece for the Culmination Day on September 28, 2018 according to the category assigned in their respective level. Smart Explorer 1 & 2 (1.6 – 3yo) performed Nursery Rhymes as a group.  Beginning with Pre-Kindergarten 1 (3-4yo), the students presented individually as they recited Nursery Rhymes while PreKindergarten 2 (4-5yo) did Poetry Interpretation of 2-3 stanzas about animals. The Kindergarten (5-6yo) also did Poetry Interpretation of 3-5 stanzas about nature. The Graders from 1-4 (6-9yo) were storytelling about funny short stories, fiction and fables.

The students are all encouraged to memorize and recite their piece. This helped them master their language and develop their skills in public speaking. Moreover, this will also help build a child’s self-confidence and expand their knowledge in literature.

The Stocky’s Book Fair is a truly great “safari” journey in literacy for families to connect by reading together and sharing a love of books.