"Stockbridge Helping Hands, Stronger Together"


Giving back to the community can help people feel more at peace with the world knowing they have done their part in fulfilling the mission of helping others. Our school’s curriculum does not only aim to develop the intellectual aspect of the child, but also the social responsibility of the students of Stockbridge American International School. There is an urgent and imperative need to do our share. 

With the current situation that we are all in now such as these pandemic and super strong typhoon that caused flooding and other disastrous effects, the call to help is essential.

During the Christmas Star Lighting activity, we announced the launching of our Outreach Program that aims to extend our services to our community. We call it "Stockbridge Helping Hands, Stronger Together".

Our school is truly grateful that many generous #StockbridgeFamilies supported our cause. We were able to fulfill our mission of extending our services to the community because of our partners. All the donations were turned over to the Philippine Air Force-TOG 11 as our partner because of their specialization in providing air transportation for relief goods and other essential items.


Our helping hands are an integral part of it all, our mission continues!