SAIS celebrating Chuseok Festival in a Stockbridge way, virtually!


This year’s Chuseok Festival Celebration for the Stockbridge students, parents and teachers is a new experience to us since all of us meet virtually. Last October 2, 2020, the students, parents, teachers and staffs of Stockbridge American international School had celebrated this event with the theme’ “Celebrating harvest Across Borders; The Stockbridge Way!” leaded by Cherry Mae Laynes, the head of the said event. Students have witnessed the colourful culture of Korea across borders through watching some videos of the different cities in Korea and have shown their creativity in making some different Korean crafts that represents the culture of Korea. For the PK students, they have formed the puzzle of the stone artworks from Jeju Island, the “Dol Hareubang”. Kinder to Grade 1 students have made the “Wooden fish of Gamcheon craft” out of card boards and coloured them with some poster colours available in their house. Grade 2 to Grade 3 students on the other hand has made some “Songpyeon craft” out of clay doughs and construction papers. Some kids especially the Korean students have also made some delicious real “Songpyeon” with the help of their parents. Grade 4 to Grade 5 students has shown their creativity of making the “Hanbok origami”. For the Grade 6 – Grade 7 students, they have made their DIY “TAL” mask.


During the program, the chosen Korean students have showcased their different talents and also their culture and it started through a prayer that was led by the Grade 3 student, Sungjin Kim. Yuhna Ann coming from the Grade 2 and Sujin Kim from Kindergarten had also sang us their song presentation through sing some Korean songs and shared a thought on what is Chuseok Festival all about. Ruwee Lee, the student from the Grade 6 had given us thought also about wearing a Hanbok, a traditional dress in Korea. Some kids were appreciated also because most of them, especially the Korean students have worn their traditional dress “Hanbok” during the event. The students enjoyed in witnessing and experiencing the culture Korea as they watched a video about Chuseok and also recited the different hello languages in Korea through cities roll call. They visited virtually the places of Jeju, Busan, Daejeon, Seoul and including also the border of North Korea, the Pyongyang. In this kind of event, the students have not just learned the culture of the whole Korea but they have also experienced visiting the cities of the South Korea including the border of North Korea virtually. Students have also witnessed the difference on how South Korean people and North Korean people celebrate the Chuseok Festival. The said culmination was ended by Ms. Margaret Lehman, the assistant principal of SAIS through her inspiring closing remarks. And after that, the Stockbridge students and teachers have sung and dance the “Learn and Play” song virtually.


This year may be a new environment to the students, teachers and parents since all activities are online but the Stockbridge American International School has never failed in providing quality education through giving meaningful activities such as this. The Chuseok Festival Culmination attains it success with the help of the Stockbridge teachers and staffs, parents’ support and especially the active participation of Stockbridge kids.


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