Hospitality Management Day 2018


 JIB held its Hospitality Managament Day dubbed as JIB Landia Winter Fantasy with a theme: “Hospitality 2018: Where Innovation is our Tradition” at the International Management School (IMS) Building, S. De Jesus St., Davao City.

JIB’s HM Day is an annual celebration of the school where students showcase their talents in various exciting hospitality events. The event was organized by the Les Jeunes Hotelier, JIB’s official hospitality student organization headed by their passionate and versatile teachers, moderators and student leaders.

Prior to the event, pre-event activities were culminated such as Photolicious, where entries submitted one photo of a dish that was featured and served during the Table Du Monde (“Tables of the world”) food festival; School Groufie, where the participants submitted a groufie showcasing the JIB Schools; Hospitality Intellectual Analysis, where the participants made a case out of the video provided to them by the organizers; Amazing Race, where teams undergo stations of obstacles located anywhere in the IMS grounds prepared by the event organizers and Business Proposal Presentation, where the participants produced and presented their products to the judges.

During the culmination day, participants from different levels assembled at IMS building as early as 6:00 in the morning to do their assigned tasks for the said event. The event formally started at 10:00am through the opening remarks of Ms. Sally Reyes, JIB International Schools’ Corporate Dean followed with a talk by Chef Jean Marc Veron, Dusit Thani Davao Executive Chef and a French National with many 5 star experiences who gave insights to JIB students about Innovation.

The event became more exciting as the JIB students competed for various events namely: Race for Service, where the participants need to pass obstacles in serving the guests by relaying 3 bottles and 3 glasses brought by them; Synchronized Towel Folding, a competition which is open to all HRM and Tourism students of JIB where they need to perform 7 basic table napkin folds; Craft your Cocktail; where the participants make their own cocktail drink made of the secret ingredient provided by the assigned officer-in-charge; Hospitality Cook-off, where the participants prepared 1 main course that is in line with the Theme “Winter Fantasy; Marketing Pitch, where the participants intellectually present and market their product or services to the judges; Trivia Questions, Classified Carving, a fruit carving competition; Your Queen Sounds Familiar, an entertaining competition where the participants sang a song while impersonating a celebrity; Dress to Impress: Winter Edition, where the chosen representative of the group showcased their own-styled costume and projection through the runaway; and Delight the Guest, where each participant are given scenarios they randomly picked to delight a guest acted by a JIB instructor. 

The JIB students have also proven that they are remarkably a total package of beauty and brains as the candidates strut the runway for the search of Ambassador and Ambassadress of Hospitality in the later part of the program. The judges were Mr. Joe Paras, JIB International Schools’ Finance Manager; Ms. Ish Montenegro, Owner of Krishael’s Events and Concepts; Mr. Lucen Ranes, Manager of Lady G Fashion and Bridal Gowns; Ms. Shelah Faye Juntilla, Chairman of the Board of Judges and Mutya ng Dabaw 2018; and Ms. Teresita Cecista, Marketing Coordinator of Beauty White Links Company. 

The students were very ecstatic throughout the day and have obviously applied their hospitality talents and skills while enjoying the event.